27 June 2009

Be the one you are

Summer they say
yes I may
smell the plants

Wait and see
this is me
listening to you

say yes
and say no
this is game
we all know

so take it easy
take it simple
do as you please
do what you need

the wolf you feed
will grow indeed


Freepiles on the streets - you find what you ask for.
It is time for my home to come,
so I can put my teapot and windbells to sing there
and there is room for you to come and be.

Patience. Again and again
I am reminded to stay in peace
even if the joy of finding something overwhelms me -
to ground and see
what I really need
and let the time to tell me
what is true
what is real.

Let the flow carry you,
let the dreams be your wings
life can be lived
with ease
and joy
and glory
just believe.

This dream
we say it's real
illusions in mind
don't be blind
look trough
look behind
listen to the voice
you do not hear
unless you
are silent inside

kind in heart
children we are
want to be loved
want to be heard

you can listen
and you can whisper
to share
and love
until you are alive
here on the Earth
walking on feet
and working with hands
and caring
and smiling around

20 June 2009

Be at home wherever you are and you will find home where you are

Gift of this day is solitude.
I woke up hearing how Victor left, telling to the libanese painters who came to make windows white that a girl is sleeping in the house. This girl opened her eyes, coming back to this realm we call reality. To the house where she has a permission to be, to keep her stuff, to move things, to clean, to breath, to make fire.

She made 5 Tibetian exercises. This is the first week when 21 repetitions are made.

Light and easy. Clouds in the sky. Livingroom is such a state now that it feels home to be there.
The girl is learning that a touch can change so much - it is all about moving and blowing life into the things, giving them care and love and so they wake up and start to shine. They find their reason to be and they are so grateful in their places. And if listened, they tell where they want to be, where is their best place to serve this room.

Wet piece of fabric is a tool to clean surfaces. Small movements, reaching the bottom of the surfaces, releasing dust and dirt. This is the time to listen. To see life from aside.

Internet is near in those days, still, I haven't write here so much. I have been living. I have lots to tell, but for some reason it is inside, growing bigger and getting smaller. Things come and go. I forget some. I remember some. I hope that when I am a grandmother, I remember small stories to tell to my children and grandchildren. And friends, just take time to listen and ask, if I am around. And even if I do not talk, all what has happened with me, has shaped me, has released things which had to go. The river is getting cleaner in its flow.
Moments of reflection, moments of looking back, looking forward as being here and now.
Tribune bay in Hornby. This is where I slept one night, kayaked and watched the tides. Low tide in this picture.

Life is giving me beautiful experiences and pictures around.
I found oysters from the beach of Hornby (an island more north from Victoria), we ate octopus who was caught by a bald eagle, I kayaked alone amongst the waves of pacific ocean (from a bay to a bay though :), I drove car back from this island while the boys were sleeping - I do remember how to keep a car on the road, even on highway now. They said that Estonian licence works here as well. Skills do work for sure.
And the ocean - it was so warm there that I could stay in it as long as I wanted to... Here in Victoria is cold. It is refreshing.
So, you can find paradise islands around here where ocean gives you food, you can swim and go to the forests... and even being naked is allowed somewhere.
Oh, and on this island there is a Free Shop where you can go and take what you like. And you can bring things there as you please. Clothes, books and all kinds of stuff. No stress. I feel this is the way things should be - free! Sharing.
If there is no money accompanied, people are more kind and giving - if they get food for free they feel like sharing with the others for free as well. Same with living and things. And I believe this is how it can be. And even if you buy things, you can have this freedom to share and give for free. Cause all what you give, will come back to you.

All the others from this house went to a festival in mainland, near Vancouver. It is party there for them. Victor stayed to help to clean the house and to work with his projects. Today he is out.

Precious time alone.
Music with me.

Being here is so different from all the other moments during my trip. I have been in various places, houses, cities... and I have always wanted to go on after a certain amount of time. As I went somewhere I knew that I will leave this place soon.
Heh, I am not feeling or thinking about going somewhere else. I feel like at home here. I gather my strenght, I move things and I dance this dance of life. I straighten my back and look into the eyes of the presence. Movement is in smaller scale. I am observing. I am awake and I am ready to find a place for my body to feel good.

School. It is here. Chinese Medicine School again. This time it can be full time studying with ~500 hours of clinical practise. If I start now I can be ready for 2012. There are 4 schools here in Victoria and I have looked around, observing and feeling them, watching signs and small things.
My mind tries to confuse me, but my soul has decided already. This school is called Pacific Rim College. I like that the word "pacific" is inside this school. Space there is the most beautiful. It is in the centre of the town, white rooms and high ceilings, wooden floors and walls made of stone... People are kind and school is flexible. It is the newest around, but this doesn't scare me, I like it instead. Cause it is fresh and opened to the possibilies, ready to meet with the wishes of students.

Visas and permissions - I am searching my way through this world. I am doing my best to feel that all is possible. Time will tell. I believe.

Earth Angels are gathering.
There are at least 4 of them in this household. And we can share the vision, our thoughts and creation - it is similar and it is so good to feel the support in those matters which can sound as something totally crazy to somebody else. But this is what is happening on the Earth now.
That soon we have to be ready to survive with the nature, to be able to grow our own food, to live in communities, to share and love. Now is the time to look around, to learn and meet with people, to start forming the communties and finding places where to do it. It is all coming together. It is already 2009, half of it is through soon. Travelling might not be possible when we run out of gas soon..., people in the cities can be in hard situations cause they depend on the system so much. But the system is collapsing.

We are so use to it all what we see around in the society and it is hard to see it from aside. To see it differently. But there are another views.
Some information is not shared, instead we are slaves of other information which is manipulating with us, is pushing us towards more consumption, feeling insecure, being afraid, being stranger with neighbours, being stressed and sick, feeling lack, feeling jelous.

Our spirits are never caught with all that. We can be free inside. And this freedoms flows out from us when we live in it. When we live in Peace.
I know inside myself that another world, New Earth, is coming. Big changes. And my generation is here to be warriors. We break down things, we rebel and we are challenged. Our children can start planting the seeds. We are here to give support them.


I love getting older. Time on the Earth is valuable and I am learning a lot here. 23 years on this planet. It is getting better and better.

There are smells to smell. I like how The Oak Tree smells a bit like moss. And how some flowers do not have any smell at all.
Indian plums taste so purple that my mouth changes its colour.
Salmonberries are like raspberries, but their colour is like salmon. And they are sweet.
There are huckleberries, like Huckleberry Finn. But I haven't tasted them yet cause they are not ready.
Spinach is growing in the backyard and when I go by I eat this delicious green plant.

Fields of gold - I walked on the fields of gold last evening when the sun was setting... Ocean was strong and windy, white tips on the waves. Gloves and a hat gave me enough warmth.
Solstice is coming.
Chimney in this house woke up, so the fire is here with me.
Nights are short. It is the time of the light.

This is how it was yesterday. Not my picture. But from here.

Long writing.
So, take it easy. Take your time.
And you have already taken :)

12 June 2009

Middle of the summernight

There we go, in single line when the road is bigger, full of cars.
We find the food,
we are surprised how the society works,
bike carries a lot,
it is so fun and free to drive around, see the stars and know the moon...

And when she asks - do you want to go and see how the muffins are made, I just go, took the helmet and bike again.
I thought it will be a short trip, it was midnight already,
but we stepped in,
had a tea
and as I got to know those guys, muffinman and his supervisor, I dived into the world of baking muffins, even bread.
And night went on,
when I realized that this day has passed by without doing tibetian exercises, I just did them there. Pretty clean floor.

City is asleep,
but those guys are baking.
And we are laughing.
Life is such a funny story, unbelievable and full of surprises.
You'll never know where you end up when you start a new day..

My days are full of everything,
new people,
connections and information,
mornings, evenings and moon.
People change, their moods, their small things, their relations and worries.
I love it all.
I love people!

So I am,
realizing that my little sister is so wise, growing rapidly, changing and developing. When do we see again? - I do not know. Let go of longing, I love her.
Recieving letters from friends - my heart is so grateful!
Yes blessed I am.
Thank you.

What if the dance is here within us,
just to discover and let loose.
Fly and fly.


07 June 2009


My friend please don't smoke tonight
I want to be awake with you
I want you to see this
World in details
in the whole
without mist in your head

My friend let's not go to the party
it is loud, it is there -
I want to whisper into the silence
I want to be Here instead

Let's look behind the lives
Let's see inside the lives
Let's feel what is Now
what the World
has to say for us

Please my dear
don't smoke on saturday
stay awake with me

I feel alone
when you are all there
laughing and wondering
in the heads

Come and see
feel what it means
when water runs
on your hands
while you wash the dishes

I love you still
but I might go
Come as you
leave all behind
which doesn't belong to you

It's fun, yes I see
I just choose peace now
I wonder alone
on the empty streets
I listen to the wind
when the sky is misty
and I find feathers
while you fill
the air with the
smell of pot

Beautiful plant,
yes indeed,
medicine ~
leave it alone
you are healthy
you are wealthy
just stay Here
with me

Here and now
as you see


6th of June
Victoria, BC

04 June 2009

Roosad kastani6ied on langenud

\see paistab, kui vaadata yle ookeani - USA valged tipud. This is what I see over the ocean - white mountaintops of USA\

Lippan m2est yles paljajalu - seal t2navanurgal on Tamm ja tema all on rohi muruks niitmata, on hein, on kui oder lehvimas tuules. Seal on selline ruum, mis on taevaga seoses, maa tugevus toetamas.
Tyler on selle koha sisse t88tanud juba ja nyyd ma saan minna ja hommikul istuda, harjutusi teha. Ja 6htul saab ka minna. Selle maja inimesed j2tsid selle heameelega niimoodi. Kyll on 6nn.

Selle aja sees, mis olen siin saarel, Victoria linnas olnud, on kastani6ied puudelt kadumas, nende kuninglikud kroonid langetavad oma pead. Ja siin kohtusin roosade k6rgeausustega, nii malbed ja kerged.

P2evad on saanud nii soojaks, et tuleb kiiresti kimada, siis tuul jahutab.
Olen majas, kus liigub ringi palju inimesi ja kus on ka korralikku kaost - see t2hendab, et saan n6usid pesta ja p6randaid pyhkida ja pean ytlema, et see meeldib mulle! Leian korrakergust ja armastust ses t88s. Ja tunnen, kuidas see inimestele m6jub. Siia majja sattus nyyd ka rohkem naisi, mis toob laulmist ja tantsu ja lehvimist ringi. Inimeste n2od saavad naerule.
Saan ka minna teisale, istutada tomatitaimi ja teha syya ilusas katuseaknaga k88gis.
Kulgemise vabadus.

Ja tundub, et olen pidanud siia tulema, et kohtuda Maa-Inglitega, eriti haldjatega, keda on heasti m2rgata. Selles majas on neid isegi 2 praegu, ja neid on ymber veelgi! Yleilmaline kogunemine on toimumas, tajun.

Praegu on ajad, mil tuleb 6ppida, kuidas elada koos Emakese Maaga. Maailmas juhtub paljut, systeemid rappuvad oma alustaladel.. See, mis juhtub, on meie eneste luua ja 2ra tunda. Intuitsiooni tuleb kuulata. V6ib juhtuda, et yhel hetkel tuleb osata elada looduse keskel, j22da ellu sellega, mis olemas on, olla s6ltumatu systeemist, mis sind kontrollida ja suunata soovib.

Siin olen elanud oma synnip2evast alates peaaegu yldse raha kulutamata. Sest siin on palju toitu yle - noored teavad, kust seda leida. Olen inimestega, kes lubavad mul oma katuse all magada.. Mida veel on eluks vaja? Leidsin riideid, mida keegi enam ei vajanud... Oh, ringlus ja jagamine!
Ometi kasutame seda yhiskonda, kasutame, et on poed ja 2rid, kel asju yle j22b.
Ja samas on majade aedades sirgumas rohelised lehed, mida syya, tomatid, mida sygisel noppida, peedid ja kartulid - loomulik suund on omaenese toidu kasvatamisele. Ja mina t6den r66muga, et meie pere on seda teinud mu lapsep6lveski - see on omane ja lihtne mulle. Seest t6usevad teadmised v2lja, saan aidata ja kaasa lyya.

Jah, maailm muutubki.
Kuulan maad ja tuuli, astun samme l2hemale indiaanlastele, sinna mu hing mind juhatab praegu. See on aeglane tee, see muudab elu. Ma astun.
Suled on juhatuseks.

Praegu on teadmiste kogumine, et oskaks yhel hetkel eladagi iseseisvalt, s6brad toetuseks. Valgust88lised yhinevad ja loovad valgusv6rku yle maa. Olen siin. Selle sees.
Eestimaa juured on vajalikud, tammede toetus ja iidsed tarkused. Ei ole ma niisama valinud seda haldjakeelt k6nelemiseks ja v2ikese rahva toetust seljataha. Imeline synkroonsus on elu.

Iga samm, mis astume, on nii vajalik. Meie m6tted loovad maailma m6tteid ja liikumissuundi.
Vali kergus ja helgus,
hoolitse oma keha eest,
joo puhast vett, armastusega.
R22gi puude ja lilledega, silita me Emakest Maad.
Ja inimesed, kellega kohtud, kuula neid siiralt. Unusta oma arvamused ja piirid - luba neil olla, armasta neid lihtsalt - maailm vajab yhinemist, myyride lagunemist, teineteisele k2e ulatamist!


Life has leaded me here, where I wake up in the morning, go and sit under the oak tree, just up on this Fernwood street. Those people there have left the grass tall and it gives this space to be, to do exercises, to listen. To touch.

Lightwork is happening - lightworkers are gathering. I meet with fairies and elves and wise ones.. We are here to support each other, to learn how to live with the Mother Earth. And then in one point we might need to go to the forest and to survive, to feed ourselves, to grow our own food. And to know how to build and how to cooperate with the Earth.
It is a challenge.

I make my prayers to meet with Elders and Medicine People, to learn. To be humble and in service.

Love your neighbours,
say hello to people you have never greeted!
Give up your fears, just find out who you are,
try and play!

I am cleaning the kitchen and everything - I feel inspired - it brings light and ease into peoples mind, when there is less trash around... And working is a part of the game. Indeed.

Lets support each other on those journeys!

Light and Love,
sincerety and true words,

Thank You!

03 June 2009

Support the Horsecaravan _)'(_ Toeta Hobukaravani

Kallid S6brad
Dear Friends

Horses are like people, they like to Love and be Loved.
Right now the Caravan stays in one place.
Brave people who are taking care of the beautiful and special Horse brotherhood need financial help with providing the pastures with good grass for the horses, medicine and shoeing things and everything else you can imagine a caravan horse needs ;D

Hobused on v2ga tundlikud ja intelligentsed loomad. Nad vajavad peremeest, kuna metsikut L22nt ei ole enam olemas ;D Meie karavani tiimiliikmed on pihustunud yle maailma, ning k6igest kolm vaprat on parajasti hobuste eest hoolt kandmas. HObused vajavad head karjamaad, aeg-ajalt meditsiini parasiitide ja pisit6vede vastu ning kabjadki tahavad rautamist. Inimene vajab samuti syya ja soojust.

All of you who have been with us on this amazing journey a sister and a brother were having in Mexican mountains and jungles...

K6ik, kes te olete reisinud oma visioonides ja m6tetes koos meiega Mehhiko metsades ja m2gedes...

All of you who support different ways of living, living dreams and Love HORSES...

K6ik, kes te toetate alternatiivseid elu- ja liikumisviise, Oma unistuste elamist ja Armastate HOBUSEID...

All of You are greatly welcome to make a donation for the brave three people who are working for the good of the world at the moment. SO the horse caravan can continue in November 2009. New people will have their life-experience, more small villages will be visited by the Caravan. More happy kids in the jungles and mountains who learn about the environmet. More creativity, More happiness, More Peace. Otherwise good and experienced horses have to be sold and leave the amazing caravan life.

Olete k6ik oodatud oma sydame tunde j2rgi meie Hobuperekonda Mehhikos toetama. Selle l2bi osalete otseselt uue karavani toetamisel sel aastal novembrikuus, mis pakub uutele ilmainimestele v6imaluse elada oma unistusi ja kogeda k6ikv6imalikku. Rohkem pisikesi kylasid saab internatsionaalse tervituse osaliseks, rohkem naeratavaid ja loovamaid koolilapsi, kes innustuvad tsirkusest ja 6pivad l2bi m2ngu ja teatri esmalt oma kodukyla, ning seej2rel maailma tasakaalu meeles pidama.
Vastasel juhul tuleb head ja kogenud hobused rahaks vahetada, ning nende jaoks on imeline hobuvabadus ning v6imalus selleks korraks l6ppenud.


Even a small contribution will make a change~ Always remember that ~

K6ik suured teod saavad alguse v2ikesest, Igasugune toetus k6rgelt hinnas.

~With Love and Respect~
Armastuse ja T2nutundega

Sander Hiire
Account no/ Konto nr : 221013378618

Clicking on this LINK, you will be able view the Horse Caravan story through my eyes.

Klikkides LINGile, saad heita pilgu meie hobuloole Mehhikos, mis kaamera toetusel on materialiseerunud.

Steps on the planet Earth