21 August 2010

Life on my own.

Sander and I just went through a course where we learned to work as Aura Mediators.

It feels like real life.
It feels in peace.
It feels like doing something that I have always wanted to do.
It feels whole.

Spirit integrates the body.
It is the New World.
It is Life.

11 August 2010

Stars on the dark sky

They fall.
It is fall.
It is August.

New moon.
Letting go's and saying hello's.

Today I met again with the guy who was on the plain to Mexico, 2 years ago. Then he was in the Mexican rainbow. And then in the horse caravan. And now he is in here. Staying for some days after the Finland Rainbow.

Looking and feeling him and the surrounding hostel Euphoria (filled with rainbowers and hippies and everybody), I remembered how we lived in Mexico and maybe a bit like it in Canada too. And how now my life feels so different. I have connection with this way of living too and it has and is part of my growth and life. At the same time I am happy to have the choice and freedom to live in another way.

Walking home on the lonely streets of Tallinn. Warm night.
This is so right,
hands moving with the flow.
Something grows and something goes.
Light shines through.


In Estonia I have met with some days without electricity and all what comes with it and it has gave me pretty strong feelings about what might happen when some systems fail. My choice is to go to countryside, to grow my own food and to get a horse.
It just feels more and more real and life in the city seems like a nice game to play, but not for too long.

Old energies are falling apart and from this dust new phoenix can rise.
Everybody has to wake her/him up.


Roads are crossing again and I am waking up for communication and meetings.
Thank you,
that you are alive.

Steps on the planet Earth