08 October 2010


2 years from the day where we started to fly, to our travels. We just had one way ticket to Mexico. No time schedule.
It all just unraveled and guided us forward. Many turns, loops and meetings. 6 months in Mexico. I ended up staying in Canada for another 6 months and just exactly one year ago, on the 8th of October 2009 (08.10.09) I landed again in Estonia.
For me this year in here has been very various, very life-changing and above and under it all - incredibly widening and grounding. I find myself in the middle of lessons which teach me to live. Again and again. From many different perspectives.

Right now I am taking first steps on the road of becoming a teacher. Let's see where it leads.
Right now me and Sander are invited to go to one or two small schools on the west coast of Estonia - to speak in a "geography" lesson about our travel in Mexico. This invitation came after we performed in Matsalu Nature-Film-Festival, a month ago. Sander put together an exhibition - 12 big black-and-white photos about Nomads United horse caravan.

I had an accordion with me and along and without that we sang some songs in local languages, from ceremonies and our daily life. Some stories were told and questions asked.

Here is a video about the event what took place that evening. In the end you can see us for a moment!

This was a great experience for both of us and I am glad and surprised at the same time that people are continuously interested and we can learn from sharing. Just to inspire one people to take a step towards his/her biggest dreams or fears - this is huge, this a gift we can offer.

I celebrate this day. I now feel that another circle has become whole and I can move on. It seems to me that it takes as long to come back as long you stayed away.

Gratitude is inside me - for all the people who are in sharing, who we have met on the road, who have taught us, challenged us, made us cry, laugh and dream.
And people who have been and who are in Estonia - now welcoming and listening and being. It is a gift.
I am eager to see what the next day brings. I feel that some of you in the world I will see again. And some of you are strongly in my heart. And some of you I have never met before, but I will in the future. And some of you I will never see again. Yet, it all is beautifully weaved together as a magnificent carpet.

I share my love with the world.
I am in love.


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