30 May 2009


I let you know that this last poem I wrote on my birthday, which is also a song (it is in Estonian so far, but I am working on translation) - I just realized yesterday that this is just about what I have here and now. It is like a prophecy I wrote to myself.

I live it here,
in Vancouver Island,
there is a wooden schooner Freyja and I am helping people there, fixing the boat. It is wonderful learning and beautiful persons.
I wake up and make exercises cause the Universe is changing and supporting, I feel great.
Cycling up and down the mountains makes my body feel happy.

Fairies and feathers are on my path, they guide. Native people come closer as well. I am learing. I am waking up.

I just have the moment,
nothing further,
cause this is the end of the world for me.
I feel like at home,
just now,
just here.

Seagulls send my greetings to you,
just dream and live it! - it is true!

23 May 2009


First time in my life I see how a person gets hit by a car. And it all happened Right next to me.
We are driving in Montreal, and all of a sudden I see a guy crossing the street while we have green-to-go. It is late, and he is wearing dark clothes as well. So we break, otherwise we would have hit him. Probably he is drunk as well. But the car on the next line does not see him, partly because of us, walking, and pooom. It was so so real, more than real. Time stopped, everything stopped, and the guy is flying in the air, the acceleration shows no mercy, the gracity takes him down. The walking stick flies away, and a bottle of somekind of "liquid" pops out from his pocet.
After that he did not move. We already started moving, he stayed there. People hopefully called the ambulance, I am sure. I hope. I believe.

Huh, real real Life. Hard for him. He was already walking with a stick. But everything must have a reason, he was totally spaced out while he was crossing the street. Huh!
So, make your own conclusions, and be aware of yourself when walking in the babylon.

Big cities create this kind of a love and hate relation towards it. That happened in Mexico and it happened today with Montreal.

I found something I can share with the world. To teach people how to make handstand, and headstands. To twist the perspective.

Photography reminded itself as well.
Well well, lets see, what life hast to offer me. I am ready for all sort of stuff.

Cheers for that.


20 May 2009

Vancouver, here I am!

So, how can I now share the beauty I have around like Sander is doing - I do not have a camera at the moment. But be sure, I have Beauty!

My eyes touched snowy peaks of Rocky Mountains when I flew over them yesterday evening. I flew towards the setting sun, following its path. I won 3 hours to my life just like this. So, when the day when I was born is about to end in Estonia, it just started here - I have time to go and touch the ocean I came to see.

My soul is touched by the humid seawind - I feel like at home again. Mountains are around, people speak english.

I was picked up by Jenna's (good friend from Rainbow gathering) parents from the Airport - this hasn't happen with me for a long time and I must say it feels so good! I also got a good big bed to sleep in and when I woke up there was a colourful letter behind my door - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Yes, here I am, in the other side of the world, reading those wonderful wishes you all send to me and I feel connected, I am grateful that you all are somewhere there and here, in this planet Earth.

Montreal said goodbye to me - I ended my stay there in the same bar where I started it - L'Escalier - a place where the travellers and free-souls go and enjoy music, company and good food. This time I went with a bycycle - I had the best ride in town this night, full of lights and wind and freedom. Montreal is a nice city to visit, maybe even live...

And I found guidance through some beautiful friends I met there, some special women came into my life and they lifted up my soul and reminded me how to be a woman!

Nolwenn and Sophie. Angels, so different, yet same in the heart.

Spirit Feather is now guiding my path in this life. I search for my dreams I had when I was 10-12 years old - in those times people dream, just dream, without any fears and sense of "reality" - there is some truths to find and fulfill.

"Life is all about dreaming and then living those dreams," this is what Nolwenn told me and she knows it is true and I know it is true. It just takes some time to fully align with it! But this is all there is to do, so, go for it!

There is a good musician I listened to in a bar in Montreal, he painted landscapes with his guitar, his fast fingers... I was amazed. And then, 2 days later, we saw each other again while crossing the road. What a funny world, so small! And they say that there are no coincidences...

He is Ewan Dobson - go and find him in youtube and you might like it! He is virtuous.

And I must say that live concert, while I was the only one in this cafe, was the best!

So I go and live my day,

new circle is about to begin.

Leave all behind you do not need anymore

and imagine and create new,

which is aligned with your True Self.

And also Imagine how beautiful is here where I am.

I wish that the World will provide a good camera for me again, I have lived a year now without it, I am ready to use it again.

Thank you, World!

19 May 2009

TEEkond Quebec in focus

Proud to be alive| Olen uhke et olen elus

Adventuring soul Remi | Planning to make the trip around All the America| more than 60000 km with one year. It would be the new world record :D | h2mmastav toetaja, korjas mind eikuskilt peale ja oli valmis metsa viima, kuid metsatee ei toetanud meid ja autot, seega telgis magamise asemel sain linade vahele pugeda. Tema plaan on j2rgmise aasta 1 mail alustada rattaretke ymber Ameerika mandri, P6hjast l6una ja tagasi, kokku 60000 km ja rohkemgi yhe aastaga, mis looks uue ilmarekordi. Mis sa arvad, mitmes toas v6ib leida maailmakaarte?

I like the world from up there | Mulle meeldib maailm sealt k6rgemalt

Looking for the park | The most grazy ride ever. Not far from sinking into the road in the middle of nowhere| V2gev h22letamiskogemus, uppusime pea kaubikuga kevadpehmel teel. Metsik Metsik Kanada

Stairway into the lake| Veetrepp kylma kuningriiki

Minu Maja| My House

~Success in not measured by heights attained, but by obstacles overcome~

16 May 2009


The Lightworkers Decision

Valgust88liste Valik


M6istmine ja jagamine.

Thank you,
it helps.

Understanding and sharing.

14 May 2009

Good Bye, Good Hug!

What a sensation
when I said goodbye
to my best travel-friend,
my brother,
in soul,
in heart.

Walk well my dear,
may the road be blessed and strong.
We both know that
the growth will be double now,
the light is spreaded
all over our home planet,
the Earth under our feet.

I dropped some tears
to the roots of a Tree,
sad but happy
we both are.
Beauty and truth
in our decisions,
guided by the Universe.

Fellowship of the Light
is on its path.
Brothers and Sisters,
let us join on the coast
of love,
care and share,
here and there,
in the space
of the Holy Universe.

I open my palms and heart.
I look into the eyes of a stranger.

We are one.


14. may 2009

13 May 2009

"This is not the same person here..."

This was the high-point of the "movie" which was happening in beetween the countries (USA and Canada), on the border, on my mother's birthday (11th of May). The guy was investigating my two passports (new one with a chip inside and the old one which I used while entering Canada), asking me to watch straight into his eyes. And this is what he said: "It's not the same person here..."

I was amazed. In this moment I wasn't even able to cry anymore, it started to seem funny...

Yeah, Ben (from Pennsylvania), with whom I met on the rainbow, he came to Montreal to pick me up and give a ride down to Pennsylvania and then to Wyoming... and then I wanted to go and meet with Leon, Arizona and New Mexico... and new rainbow gathering there in July.

On this nice and sunny monday we hit the border of United States. I was happy to give them my new passport, I fulfilled some papers in the internet before - it all seemed fine.
One of the first questions was - how much money do you have at the moment? I only had 100$ in my wallet.
How do you finance your trip?
I have some money on my card, I have my fathers credid card as well.. (this was a mistake that I said "my fathers card" - actually I have my name on it, but it is just part of my fathers account - so, I was too honest...)
Where did you guys meet?
On the Rainbow Gathering in november in Mexico.
When do you plan to leave U.S.?
In August, I only have 3 months in USA with this program.
Do you have a job?
No, I cannot have now, I am on the road. I did have back in Estonia, I was working in organic food shop.
When were you in Estonia for the last time?
In october.

This line continued, they wanted to know about my parents (who are supporting my trip), they wanted to know about my studies, home... I said I do not have home at the moment, I am visiting friends, nature..

They asked things about Ben as well... Ben said he is a musician and he is not working at the moment (he quit 3 weeks ago, to be able to move from one state to another)... (this wasn't a good sign either).

So we waited for some time, then they called us back and said that the supervisor said that I am not allowed to USA, cause they think I want to start living there and I do not want to go back to Estonia, because the ties with this country are not proved in their opinion.

I was stunned. Ben too.

I asked what do I have to have then for them to prove something? They said that I have to have plain ticket back to Estonia, I have to have job back there, home..., and lots of money with me - like normal people do...
And the decision cannot be changed, supervisor said like this.

In myself I was thinking that I do not want to have plain ticket back to Estonia yet, I cannot have job in Estonia before going to U.S., I cannot have thousands of dollars in my bank account right away... I am not normal as they said...
The first thing they think about me that I do want to break the laws, to be a beggar and to do something bad with their country... Then I have to prove that I do not have those intensions.

What a funny world!?

I sat there, waiting, so they can do the papers and I can go back to Canadian border.
I surrendered.
I was even interested - so, no plans anymore, what will I do now?
It was just like I read from a book in this morning - how the plans are being changed by life and in the end it is the best what could happen!
A relief even.

They took my fingerprints. This girl was nice.
Otherwise, U.S. border was ugly - metal above the head, plastic to sit on, grey all around. People serious and proud to be U.S. citizens.

Canadian border.

So, we have the same rules as U.S. Do you have a plain ticket back to Estonia?
How much money you do have now?

600 $ and a credit card.
Do you have a job in Estonia, a place to live?
No, my parents house only.

So on...
They came and asked where are we going in Canada, who is going to recieve us, does he have a job?
We are going to Montreal, to Danny's place, he is not working, he is just rich.
Where did you meet with him?
In the Rainbow, in Mexico, we travelled there together, with the horses.
What is rainbow?
Ben said that it is a hippie gathering... (wrong answer:P)

The woman said that I have to call my brother and he has to book a plain ticket for me - then they will let me to the country.
I called.
Sander was cycling outside. Danny said that do not worry, they have to let me somewhere, they cannot send me to heaven...

They searched all my things trough in the car. And they also searched my handbag. My wallet, my books. I had feathers in between all the books, in my wallet and on my ears (feather earrings).
"So you do like feathers a lot?"
They found a card of Eve (a woman who is working with some politician in Montreal or smth) and they asked how do I know this woman? (We met in this crazy place with dinosaurs and hotel Madrid while hitchiking to Quebec.)

Being surprised that now I am not even allowed to go back to Canada...

What is the life teaching me now?

Ben decided to take me back to Montreal, but they said they let Ben in only when they let me in.

Surrendering even more.
Finding strenght inside, finding happyness inside.

They called me and made a picture of me.


Then the woman came and told that due to benefit of a doubt they will let me to stay in Canada for 6 months, I have to give away two papers when I leave the country. I cannot work. I cannot study.
The rules are actually the same as before, just those two papers.

I do not know what changed their mind, maybe the angels...

We eat snails near the border.
Ben played violin.
Sun was setting.
I swinged.
I climbed to a tree and eat 3 yellow flowers our grandmother used to eat in springtime, to strengthen the blood.
Surreal moments.

Back in Montreal.
Back with Sander.
They offered us meat. We ate it.

No plans.
Letting go.

Leon on the phone - I guess we do not meet now. It is all needed. Trust.

Here I am, back in Canada.
Surrendering more than ever.
Not knowing.
It is a challenge to be in this situation. Sometimes I am tired.
Then I find strength.
I do not have to know,
I just have to live.
Life made this strong change on my road. Another direction. No direction.

Wind. White wind. Come and take me.

Ending of the old,
beginning of a new.
There is nothing in between.
There is everything in between.

10 May 2009


We are walking on the street. It is rainy sunday afternoon in Montreal. Yesterday Ben from Pensilvania arrived to meet us, so we are chilling down on the street and suddenly I hear beautiful violin melodies from the distance. I look around and there is this guy playing on the other side of the street. We run over there and we find ourselves in Vivaldis Spring and Summer. AMAZING live concert on the street. Just standing on the street, my eyes closed, together with the music, together with the people passing by and dropping dollars into his old kind of a looking instrument box.

Thank you Master!

So we share a dollar with him :D

After hundred meters of walking my eyes stop on super chill tea set on the window of a design shop. So we look inside and what a surprise, there is Vivaldi playing there.

Beautiful art, beautiful and open people and lot of understanding and good vibes.

Eventually Ben found a great lamp for his new appartment, made out of Canadian maple of course.


07 May 2009

Library of University Concordia Montreal

What happened there,
you can read in Loomeloomus.

Take a look!

The World Revolution

What is happening with the world, with the People!?

I can see that people here are so afraid. They pass by in their fast cars and they even do not want to see us, because we might be dangerous.
They are ashamed that there are still some crazy kids who think that they do not have to buy a car, buy a ride, buy a life...
They do not dare to look into my eyes.

I look.
I see.
I cry.

People are not allowed to walk everywhere on the Earth anymore. Highways are so dangerous.
Fast. Faster. Faster.
And you cannot go over the river because there is only highway going over.
We saw signs which forbidded us to walk next to the roads.
We had to find places where we could stand,
and watch as cars passed by,
usually one person driving,
staring without seeing us, without having any emotions.
What is happening?
Where are you all rushing?
Don't you have children who want to see the world?
Don't you have any friends who hitchike?
Haven't you ever be in a situation where there is no other option than just standing next to the road and hoping that somebody will take you somewhere,
anywhere! Just out from this abandoned place...

we were on our way to Quebec city from Montreal, but we only managed to get less than half way there. 5 cars. We ended up in a really kitch place called Madrid. Surreal. Plastic dinosaurs. Smashed cars. Cars with huge tyres. Flags on top of the hotel-restaurant. TV full of monster car shows. Shows.
This is all a big show-off.
But one dinosaur had broken his neck.
It felt little dead.
Is this American dream or what?

Nobody went to Quebec this evening.

We decided to go to a bush. There was a one.
Not much people passing by on this rue Moulin Rouge there.
We fried some bread that we got from the gas station and covered it with superoily peanut butter.
You know, those are the things people can eat when there is not much else to eat. You get your energy at least.
And the Sun went down and we crawled into our sweet tent!

Mother Earth!
We realised that out there you are always protected. There is always space! There is peace!
Highway continued roaring,
but the frogs sang it over - they have the spring going on!
Small fresh leaves putting their noses out from the Earth.
this was our first night to camp outside in Canada.

It is so easy to start to worry,
but if you have a chance to be out in the Wild, then you are safe! Just have a sleeping bag and a tent and it is all good.

They are saying nowadays that you shouldn't sleep in a bush like this,
but I have to tell you what the Earth whispered to me:

"Thank You guys for being here with me! Nobody has ever slept under my spring birches, here in this "pointless" bush, they say it is not a nice forest... Thank You Children, I am taking care of you always! I miss the touch of the Human-Being. They are in the cars and wearing gloves in these days. I want to feel them! Trust me, touch me, be with me!"

Go to sleep with the Sun and wake up with the Sun - this is the natural cycle, supportive!
And there were horses in my dream, I was riding again! This seems like a faraway dream already for now...

The sky was crying in the next morning,
we went back to the crazy Madrid place,
stayed inside and asked people if the happen to go to Quebec.....hmm... anywhere? Montreal?
For me it felt like it is time to go back to Montreal cause I felt my passport might be there.

in the rain there we were standing,
and showing our wet sign. Montreal was there. White pickup car really stopped and we jumped in! Huh! This guy was talking french and he had 5 children. I guess that was the reason why he stopped :)

Back in the city!
My passport there! 37th floor in a huge business building was our destination. We were waiting in a room 13 for the ambassador. What a view! This is business! And we were just sleeping in the nature and now we are there, in between fancy suits and ties. Contrasts. This is our light~work~way.

This hitchiking trip made us understood that this is Lightwork - that we are standing next to the road and causing some thoughts and feelingsto arise in peoples mind - shame, blame, anger, laughter, memories.. all what comes. And we are offering them a chance to change their everyday patterns, allow something new to come in, something strange, something unexperienced!
Take it,
take us,
the children of the Light.

It is hard for us as well.
But this is what I am here for. I want my children to have the possibility to go to the world without working their asses off and waiting until they have paid off all the loans and children raised up and death in their minds... I want my children to have land to sleep on, dream on and walk on.

Please people!
Just stop for a moment.
Take a breath.
Look around.
Love your neighbour.
Love your partner.
Love the stranger.
Give money to ones who do not have.
Give smiles to those who seem sad and serious.
Look into the eyes of a fellow humans.
Let go of your restrictions and just go and show your love to your dear ones.
Time is passing by, do not wait until you are dead and tired!
Do it now!
Wake up and LIVE!

P.S. Tell everybody that The World Revolution has started, we are in the world!
Join us!
Brake your old habits and patterns!
Love Yourself!


03 May 2009

Into The Wild

If you should come across with the book or movie called Into the Wild, then I am happy to suggest you to let it become your activity and reality for some moments.
During my travels i have been reading this book. I never finished the book before we gave it as a gift to our canadian friend Dominique, tonight, after watching The Movie. The artistic blend of thoughts, visions, messages, music and sharp reality creates an amazing mood. Kind of a mood where you want to do something. Say something and share something.
Why this movie got so close to me might have something to do with the way i have been on the road. I have not reached Alaska, but the aims and the urge matches often with mine.

While hitchicking in USA in december, I got stuck in the town called Phoenix, Arizona. After a two days of trying to hit the road I surrendered and went to the cinema. After that I was chilling out an reading the book in the parking lot and two guys came by to talk with me while I was zipping my 8 o clock tea and enjoying the wonders of the street lights that made it possible to read.

So the guys saw my big green backpack and the way I was dressed and all this mood around me and started talking about that other guy who went to Alaska and died.
Like that Into The Wild guy.
I sayed yeah, I know about his story. Look , here is the book, I am reading it.
So the guys went like:
"Cool dude. I wish i could help you. hey duuude, here you are, have some money. Ohh shit, I've got one dollar only.. Take it.."

I replied and they were gone. The guy who walked into the wild burnt all his money and his college fund savings earned its potential in the charity, but i decided to keep that bill as a booknote.

Soon after that the security came and announced that I am breaking the law, this is private property and I should be gone. I asked them if I could finish my tea before and then go NOwhere -they agreed upon that. What else they could do? Call the cops, like the other day they came to warn me about hitchiking in the dark and dangerous place. :D

So I found a nice spot close to the highway Interstate number 17 and slept well after the adventurous day in the concrete jungle.

The whole idea and feeling about this post is to give you a little charge and initiation to do what you really want to do and share the happiness emerging from it with the beloved ones and all the others who are reachable.


01 May 2009


Despite all the great and important things happening here and in the World around,
we just sat down in a street, eating muffins (cause we just read that it is not good to eat while standing).
Just sitting.
Just watching.
Then I realized that all those different people give me different feelings, pictures inside of me.
We imagined what kind of lives
those people are having..., how messy are their bedrooms,
what kind of borders they have in their minds,
how they communicate with the people around them...

One guy came with a good old-school bycyle. He didn't lock the bike. He went inside the shop,
he came out with a 20 dollars and went upstairs to get some change...,
he came down again, went into a shop again
and then came out, sat down just there and removed the old strings from the shoes,
replaced them with a new ones.
All this looked so light and funny!
Then this guy offered a smoke to a older guy who passed by,
so we guessed he has to be local...
And then he smoked a sigarette,
slowly, with elegance, with space..

Then he started to talk to us,
cause he thought he heard some german..., yeah, we were talking in Estonian.
He came near to us
and said that we are nice there, sitting on the street, watching people.
We said that he is a nice guy to look at.. :)

He said he left his bycycle unlocked cause he trusted us there..., that we will look over it.
So, he sat next to us, we gave him a muffin as well.
We shared the moment,
same understanding,
space of not having a work to do..
He said he have thought about what to do in life last 3 years. Just a month ago he found out that he wants to change the world from within, not through protests and fights on the streets and in the minds... He decided to start studying law, so he can be the one and free lawer, outside of the system. He will study the world and then he knows how is it working and then he can be free from it! :)

I guess we have to make a face that we are normal as well.
As we are sitting somewhere,
people do not know what kind of life we have, cause they do not really watch and see...,
so we look normal :)

Sander asked from me - do I have to study how to be a busy-nessman then?

What I know now
is that
I will follow the road of love,
follow people who are close to heart,
who are ready to be open and easy in this life.

Nice view's have to be inside, then they can be outside as well.

Maybe somebody can help us to buy a ticket to the another planet where there is room go and say nothing,
room for following intuition and strange moments,
which are stopping usual road of busy-ness.

Theories are nice to have around,
but when they are not alive,
then they are worse than stupid people.
Just love,
just love,
just love.

That is all I ask from myself,
from You.

And if you have a shirt with words: LOVE. PEACE. PARTY. ,
then you better mean it!

I am not listening to empty words anymore.

The Story of Another WOrld

Is there a storm going on?

Evolution on on the sun\ They are starting farmlands over there \ \

The aRT of eating

The colour of Love \ Hearth \ There is still Hope

Can you sleep when it is dark, or are you afraid of the boogieMan?

One way ticket to paradise please! )Ps! It is in NZ(

Look up\ Everything is all right up there and it is beautiful \ !

How ~Cool are you on the Hot-Meter


We made friends with one guy who went to buy new brown shoestrings today

...Enjoy the May-Day Mayday Mayday...

Diving into the Abundance! - Sukeldume Kyllusesse!

Praegused ajad on maailmas p2ris 2revad.
Oleme Montrealis omale 88maja leidnud m6neks ajaks, v2hemasti sinnamaani, kuni mu uus pass siia j6uab. Siis tuleb otsustada suund.

Siin kohas toimub kyll, inimesed on aktiivsed.

Kas olete kuulnud, et Sri Lankal toimub genotsiid praegu. V2hemusgrupp Tamal'id on nurka aetud ja neid tapetakse seal. Kanadas on Tamalite suurim v2lismaal asuv ''kommuun'', nad on siia tulnud, sest kodumaal ei olnud enam kohta ja elu. Yks noor poiss, kes siin asja eest veab, kohtusime temaga sel 88l, mil nad k6ik t2naval olid, palusid genotsiidi l6petamist ja mingitki t2helepanu maailmalt... See poiss on kaotanud juba pere... Ometi ta Olemine oli nii rahulik ja v6imas, et ma imetlesin seda, kuulasin ta r22kimist, mis polnud v2givaldne ja vali, kuulasin ta kuulamist. Lihtsalt ilus. Ja valus.

Tamal Tigers - niimoodi kutsutakse neid nyyd, neid nimetatakse ka terroristideks..., inimesi, kes pyyavad oma perede tapmist peatada...
Valgeid inimesi nende tegemiste juures eriti ei ole, arvan, et me olime ainsad seal 8isel meeleavaldusel, ja praegu on me s6brad siin ainsad valged, kes neid aidata tahavad.
Meedia edastab vastuolulist informatsiooni, enamasti ei edasta midagi, sest suur majanduskriis ja seagripp pyhivad k6igest muust yle - tundub, et on hea aeg, et kusagil mujal palju inimesi korraga 2ra tappa!
Tundub, et ma olen ka peagi terrorist.
Sest siin kutsutakse nii vist neid, kes ei taha systeemi ette antud rahal astuda.

Me k2isime "dumpster diving'us".
Maailmas on nii palju toitu, aga see ei leia alati s88jaid.
Osad noored inimesed siin on lahti saanud politsei h22lest oma peas ja julgevad minna toidupoodide ja restoranide taga olevatesse prygikastidesse ja kohtadesse, kus lebab vahest nii palju syya, et on autot vaja, et see 2ra viia.
Nii juhtus meiega eile, et leidsime kasti banaane, orgaanilisi porgandeid ja 6unasid ja salateid ja isegi maasikaid!

Lihtsalt vaata ja imesta ja tunne maailma kyllust!
Ja paljud t2navainimesed sinna ei l2he, sest see tundub neile mittesynnis.
Tegelikult me rikume seadust, kui nii teeme,
oleme kellegi maal vms.
Aga see on ju ometi nonsens, et kui kusagil on toitu kylluses, siis sa ei tohi seda sealt v6tta...
Mina ei usu selliseid seaduseid,
Maa-Ema annab toitu k6igile ja see peab olema k6igile k2ttesaadav. Inimseadused siin ei kehti, kui nad nii tobedad on.
Ja tead,
osad eriti kyynilised inimesed valavad selle oivalise toidu yle happega, et keegi seda kasutada ei saaks - lihtsalt sellep2rast, et nad on kadedad. Uskumatud lood!

Igastahes, nyyd on selge, et linnas me n2lga ei j22. Saame osavamaks elluj22mises :)
Ja see on nii p6nev, et kui l2hed dumpsterdivima - kunagi ei tea, mida leida v6ib ja millest siis omale 6htus88gi teha saad:)
Elu on m2ng!

Siin on materjali in English, about dumpsterdiving :


Palju 6nne 1. Mai puhul kogu maailmale!
Siin t2histatakse seda kui antikapitalistlikku ja anarhistlikku p2eva, vast l2heme ka vaatama ja dumpsterdivingust saadud toitu t2naval jagama...

Jagage teiegi ilmaga midagi, mida teil on. Siis jagab ilm vastu, midagi, mida teil vaja on.

Meie siin oleme see p6lvkond, need inimesed, kes on yhenduses omavahel, n2e internetis ju. Ja sellep2rast ei saa maailmas enam varsti s6dasid ja tylisid olla, sest k6ik tunnevad kedagi kusagilt teiselt maalt. On s6prus.
Niiet alusta sellega kohe ja praegu,
tea oma naabrit ja naerata inimesele, kes t2naval vastu tuleb!
Muuda ennast ja muutub maailm!

Maikuu on v6lukuu!

Steps on the planet Earth