29 June 2010

Open Space

Where the wild wind blows.

Oh the fly from Rome to Munich.
25th of June, 2010

28 June 2010

Small Joys

Marian and Sander went to see how the Creation-Place in Tallinn looks and feels like. This time Sander was the "tour-guide" and reminded Marian how it feels to be around artists and inspiration. Marian recognized the feeling and started to think more about using time to create something new, to express and to fulfill the dreams.
Sander is doing great in photography and communication. Water flows well.
Marian is walking in between science and art and asking questions from herself.

Sister and Brother went to a shop to get some equipment for Marian's flat to have the possibility to listen to music with good quality. They succeeded and now the playing music is inspirating Marian to write the words. Now she can sit down to the couch they just brought home from Laura's ex-apartment and lay back and go into the world of sounds.

A wine from Italy, Aglianico, tasted so good that the guests and siblings enjoyed it with grace and happiness and wishes were said out in the words.

There is much in the world to experience, to learn from. Spiritual things on the Earth are connected with the ground. If you don't focuse on anything, nothing happens. By doing less you do more.

"All I know about life is you have to enjoy it."

19 June 2010

Warmth Moves. Italy. Benevento.

What is it?
That it all changes - feeling and understanding about the aspects of life inside.
First time again I think about travelling,
about being on the road or in a place where I wake up in the morning and I don't know what the day will bring - I have all the freedom to decide what opportunities I take to live.

Now I am in the plan - studying about satellites and ocean. Some things are interesting to me, but some talks are vibrating so tough and tense that I am unable to be in sync with them. I see that I am not willing to think about marine optics all the time. Flowers on the roof caught my attention. Making pictures through sunglasses made me happy. Concert in an archeological site gave me the feeling of magic and wonder.

Life now is a matter of perspective.
Mexico comes alive.
In tonight's dream I saw myself hugging with Alex, the Hawaiian girl who has left her Earhtly form. We were saying goodbye. The feeling of love and care was so strong. And her dark long hair were feelable when I hugged her.
Maybe she is leaving the planet now. Or maybe she is incarnating again and leaving the spirit form and old human form behind. Maybe I will meet with her when she has found a new body...

And it even doesn't matter. When it happens, I will know.

It takes time to understand and learn about life and living. And there are so many aspects that will reveal themselves only when you reach to them. You cannot go slower than your shadow. And you cannot go much faster either. Some laws work on this planet.
there are many viewingpoints and things can seem very different.

Rebel in me is rising its head.

Time will tell.

09 June 2010

Stories from Tallinn

While being where I am there are some beautiful things happening. 

This ship is Kaisamoor, born on 1939. I love cycling by and saying hello to the seamen and giving my hand when needed. Now they are out to the sea for a month or so, but when they come back...

Last inspiration and first drawing here in Köie-home. Earth and Water is in this picture. Kaisamoor is carrying this with her.

This sight is idyll, a dream and something that gives the feeling of beautiful life. I have been lucky enough to visit a friend living in this place.

08 June 2010

Mis on ime

Ime pole mitte õhus lendamine või veepeal käimine, vaid maa peal kõndimine.

— Hiina vanasõna

Steps on the planet Earth