09 July 2010

Growth with the Family

What a wonder it is to be born from a Mother and to be inspired by the Father.

Two persons bring you into this world. And no matter how you communicate with them when you grow up, they have been the holy channel to this place, giving you a body to use, patterns to reshape and things to give up to.

In one moment they start to be your friends as well. You see the beauty and strength of accepting each other. There is this unconditional love in the bottom of all the layers - this is what gives you the chance to work on finding it and bringing it into bloom. Sometimes there is not much else to do about it than to live your own life to its fullest and surest. This will inspirate your parents too, cause they see you, even if you don't speak to them. Connection is there, from the beginning of your existence.

Forgiveness is the greatest.
Problems will solve themselves when you let them loose.
Light comes out (appears) when you bring Love in.

Family - I love that there is such a thing in the world!

Brother is sleeping in our travel tent in the garden.
It's morning.
It's Norah Jones' voice.
It's smooth.
It's the Day of the Acts.
It's time to live. Again.

And with all the time we are together, we grow. Inevitably.

Brother Seagull taking a look to the vastness of one kind. The Sea and Sunset.
Tallinn, Estonia

08 July 2010

"Iga päev, mis meile antud on, ära lase käest."
Mari Kalkun

"Väiksed kallid Marid."

01 July 2010

Rainbow at Home

My home knows how to transform into a cheerful place for kids and adults, for creaters and companions. It feels that there is no need to go out to search for a great place to be - all comes here on the right time. My first painting in this home is also getting ready there in the corner.
Those light-kids live in the neighborhood and come in through the window.

Joy in the Morning

Morning with fresh wind and some distant city sounds and with warm summer-air  --- yes, this night I was sleeping outside, on a hammock. What a good invention and what a good influence on me - puts things into the right place and makes me feel whole (gives me a feeling of travelling and Mexico).

Balance is the key.
If I get stuck at home I need to go and have some sauna and great talks with kind girl and bike-ride there on the sea-promenade of Pirita. Sea gives freedom and good air and blows some things away.

Science needs some compliments from creativity, paiting and singing.

Order needs some chaos.

Thoughts manifest so fast and also intuition starts talking about some things which are about to happen, though in the moment the information appears, mind is not aware of it yet. Last night we talked about marriage, kids and about a friend of mine and when I got home I found a letter from him with brief sayings that he will marry soon!
Seems like a coincidence?
For me it looks like we caught the info and just interpreted it in our own way but there was a chance to put it together right and say it out even before getting the "real" info and letter :)
Have you read Anastasia books - I remember she telling about the information field which is available and you just need to "plug" yourself in and then you don't need to learn things by heart anymore - you ask and you shall recieve.

People in the world are there to help each other. Marriage in Estonian is called "Abielu", which can be straightforwarldy translated: "Help"+"Life". So, two people get together to take care of each other and to be for the highest help and support, unconditionally.

Here the music started to play and Oren Lavie "Her Morning Elegance" gives its touch to the day.

Life in Tallinn is as beautiful as life in the forests and as in Mexico and Canada. It is just different. And there is a certain time to experience each place.
Today I leave my home into hold and go to my parents place where the strawberries are getting ripe.

People in the world with whom I have met and those who stay behind the scenes - I thank you for being part of my life, for following what I am saying and for appearing in my thoughts and heart.

Jasmine is blooming and giving up its smell so that I can recieve it and be so grateful and surrounded of its gift. This is what everybody can do with their love, kindness and thoughts - to give them up and out so that the world can experience it. There's nothing to loose. Richness comes from great sharing.

Steps on the planet Earth