05 October 2012

Life in Wide Lands

Hello Dear Friends who still find their way here!

I now announce that there is a new website for the things that are present for me and my family.
The page is in the process and becoming more whole with each day. Right now it is mostly in Estonian, but the English part will be launched soon as well.
Marian, Laurits, Mihkel - Avarmaa 2012

My family - with this I mean my partner Mihkel, my son Laurits and also my brother Sander. As Sander is doing a lot and living here and there, his input right now is more spiritual than earthy. But we work as united force and we shall see where it takes us.

In the centre of our doings there is a place on Earth - Avarmaa (Widelands). It is our land to work with and it is located in the middle of Estonia. We grow with the land and it gives us much wisdom and insight and also space to create.

Friends who want to come over, are warmly welcome.

I am thrilled that I some of the friends that I met during the travel, have found their way here already!
I name them here - Emily (Canada/Sweden), Dylan (Canada) and just few days ago I saw Maritza (Mexico) sitting here in my couch!

Avarmaa tipi - view to the East
We are brainstorming to create an event next summer here in Avarmaa, so that you will have a reason to come to Estonia and get inspiration and sense of meaning in life.

So, to be updated with our information, check out from time to time and lets see each other when the right time comes!

Steps on the planet Earth