26 February 2012


What happens now is part of the connections and butterfly-effects and sync.
I observe that people are making a choice to eat raw-food-fruits.
I feel it works and it gives new perspectives and chances to change. This takes courage.

I met permaculture on my travels. Now I really meet it here too. Thank You all, who talked and worked with it. The seed is starting to grow!

My Canada came to visit me - Dylan from Victoria and good-old-Freyja-times came from Sweden and made good food, started to build a bird-feeder and sparked us with some good canadian-activism. Thank you much!

Emily sent me The Dolphin.
Dolphins are swimming around. Ocean in my heart. Even in inlands.

I have smelt the spring. I am sure it comes.

And 2012 is here. As I thought that it will happen by this time - I do have a child.

This travel continues to teach me.

Whoever is there - there is a meaning in every act, in every word that resonates with You.

There is nothing more important than this sentence :D

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